Angus Cloud Networth 2023 & Connection with Miller


Name Angus Cloud
Net Worth $2 Million
Date of Birth Jul 10, 1998 – Jul 31, 2023 (25 years old)
Place of Birth Oakland, California, U.S.
Gender Male
Profession Actor




Millions of viewers were touched by American actor Angus Cloud’s enthralling portrayal of Fezco in HBO’s “Euphoria.” From his early years in California to his present position as a rising star in the entertainment industry, Angus has had a path marked by commitment and honesty.

Welcome to our in-depth examination of Angus Cloud’s life. The skilled actor is most known for his connection with the late Mac Miller. This blog will cover various aspects of his life focusing on his net worth, salary, sources of income, lavish house, professional trajectory, creative childhood experiences and interesting personal life. Join us as we discuss Angus Cloud’s accomplishments in his profession and life as well as the connections between Angus Cloud and Mac Miller.

Before becoming an actor, Cloud was not employed in the entertainment industry.He has had a number of jobs throughout the course of his career, including manager at a skateboard shop in New York City. The casting director of “Euphoria”, who found him while he was living in New York City, gave him his breakout part as Fiesco.

Angus portrays Fezco, a Cloud heroin dealer and companion of Zendaya’s Rue Bennett, the lead character of “Euphoria,” as well as the show’s antagonist. He was a fan favourite character in the series because of the depth and sincerity of his portrayal of Fezco.

Not much personal information on Angus Cloud was generally available because he mostly kept a low profile outside of his acting career. But with the rising renown of “Euphoria” and his rising status in the entertainment industry, additional information about him could have been available since then.

Most people are familiar with Angus Cloud from his portrayal of Fezco in the HBO television series “Euphoria”. It included his outstanding performance, which also considerably increased his renown. When “Euphoria” made its premiere in 2019, she quickly gained a sizable fan following and received praise from audiences all over the world for her performance.

Angus Cloud Net Worth, Salary, Income, Houses, Career, Childhood Life, and Personal Life: Unveiling the Connection with Mac Miller

Early Life and Childhood

In this section, we’ll examine Angus Cloud’s early life and childhood. We examine his background, his family history, and the occasions that prompted him to choose acting as a career. We’ll also investigate any past relationships or encounters he could have had with the late Mac Miller.

Angus Cloud, who was born in Oakland, California, on February 11, 1994, spent his early years in the thriving Bay Area. He followed a number of hobbies as a young guy, such as skateboarding and modelling. Prior to opting to pursue acting, he had a successful career as a professional model and owned a skateboard shop in New York City. Her early work had nothing to do with Hollywood, but the entertainment industry was drawn to her because of her magnetic presence and distinctive personality.

Angus Cloud’s Career Breakthrough

When he was noticed by the “Euphoria” casting director, Angus Cloud’s life took an unexpected turn. The 2019 HBO series explores the lives of high school kids as they negotiate the intricacies of love, drugs, and identity. Cloud’s depiction as Fezco, the amiable but enigmatic drug dealer, received accolades from both critics and fans.

He received a lot of accolades for “Euphoria” due to the depth and sincerity he brought to the part. Fezco’s intricate moral compass and unrelenting dedication won over viewers and solidified Angus Cloud’s name among admirers worldwide.

We’ll look at Angus Cloud’s climb to prominence and his professional breakthrough in this section. Starting with his first performance experience and moving on to the significant events that catapulted him into the public spotlight, we’ll discuss how he earned respect and adoration in the entertainment industry.

Angus Cloud Net Worth, Salary, Income, Houses, Career, Childhood Life, and Personal Life: Unveiling the Connection with Mac Miller

The income sources and net worth of Angus Cloud

Angus Cloud’s salary, earnings, and other financial information were not made public. The popularity of the show and the success of “Euphoria” suggest that their profits are likely to increase significantly. In addition to acting, actors frequently make money from business partnerships, sponsorships, and other possibilities in the entertainment industry. As his career progresses, Angus Cloud’s financial situation could have greatly improved.

The Connection with Mac Miller

In this part, we’ll talk about Angus Cloud’s connection to and friendship with the late Mac Miller. We’ll discuss any acquaintances, friendships, or common experiences the two of you may have had in honour of the incredible artist Mac Miller.

Angus Cloud Net Worth, Salary, Income, Houses, Career, Childhood Life, and Personal Life: Unveiling the Connection with Mac Miller

Personal Life and Philanthropy

Angus Cloud has a passion for philanthropy and a personal life in addition to his profession. The reader will gain an understanding of his hobbies, interests, and any charitable endeavours he supports by reading about them in this section.

The fact that Angus Cloud has a personal life is generally known. He still uses social media, but he doesn’t post much personal information since he’d rather concentrate on his business. Fans are aware of his devotion to his job as well as his respect for his privacy. No specifics concerning his sexual interactions or extramarital affairs were known at the time of my most recent report.

Angus Cloud Net Worth, Salary, Income, Houses, Career, Childhood Life, and Personal Life: Unveiling the Connection with Mac Miller

Sorrow at Angus Cloud’s passing

Angus Cloud passed away on 31st July 2023 in Oakland, California, according to his family and coworkers. His portrayal of a sympathetic drug dealer in HBO’s Euphoria won him fans and opened the door to a bright cinematic career.

When Cloud is discovered at his residence, he is confirmed dead. The reason of death was not disclosed. He was mourning the loss of his father, Connor Hickey, who allegedly passed away in May, and had mental health concerns, according to his family. Hickey just underwent burial in his home Ireland.

” Last week he buried his father and intensively  plodded with this loss,” Cloud’s family said in a statement, according to The Associated Press. The knowledge that Angus is now back with his father, who was his stylish friend, is the only consolation we can find. We hope that Angus’ dying will serve as a  memorial to others that they aren’t in this battle alone and shouldn’t go through it in silence as he was open about it.

Fezco “Fez” O’Neill, who portrays a laconic drug dealer who wants his companion Rue Bennett (Zendaya) to stop taking drugs while also coping with a number of personal concerns, soon won over fans. Excitement.

Friends and fellow actors of Cloud are grieving for him

“I know people often use the phrase ‘they could light up any room they entered’ when describing the ones they love, but boy let me tell you, he was the best at it. That’s how I want to remember him. For all the limitless light, love, and joy he continually brought us. I will cherish every moment.

He was extraordinarily special and nice. You can’t keep your eyes off them on film or on set, asserted Paula Marshall, another member of Euphoria, in a statement to People magazine.

On Euphoria, Javon “Wanna” Walton, who portrayed Ashtray, Fez’s younger brother, shared a picture of the two of them cuddling with the caption, “rest easy brother.”

Angus Cloud Net Worth, Salary, Income, Houses, Career, Childhood Life, and Personal Life: Unveiling the Connection with Mac Miller


Finally, the legacy of the late Mac Miller is intertwined with that of Angus Cloud’s rise from a talented actor to a legendary figure in the entertainment world. His wealth, salary, profession and personal life are proof of his commitment and love for his business. As we pay homage to the union of Angus Cloud and Mac Miller, we hope that this blog has provided readers with useful information on the life and career of this exceptional actor.

A testament to his ability and commitment is Angus Cloud’s journey from an unorthodox Oakland native to a respected actor. He cemented his position in the entertainment world with “Euphoria,” and audiences are now hungry to see more of his riveting performances. Angus Cloud acts as an example for aspiring actors and artists all over the world because he has retained his moral character and kept it true even after achieving the pinnacles of success.

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