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10 things about PM Modi’s NITI Aayog


10 things about PM Modi's NITI Aayog
10 things about PM Modi's NITI Aayog

On 1 Jan 2015, Modi formed National Institution of Transforming India (NITI) Aayog,

It is a policy developer of Government of India that replaced Planning Commission. The panel was abolished along with GOMs and EGOMs which caused policy damaged and corruption under UPA Government. NITI Aayog is handled by PM Modi and its members are top-notch economists, consultants and advisers along the lines of US think-tanks.

10 things about PM Modi's NITI Aayog
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Here are 10 things to know about NITI Aayog:

1. It will provide a critical directional and strategic input into the development process. The centre-to-state one-way flow of policy.

2. It will emerge as a “think-tank” that will provide governments at the central and state levels with relevant strategic and technical advice across the spectrum of key elements of policy.

3. It will ensure special attention to the sections of society that may be at risk of not benefitting adequately from economic progress.

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4. It will create a knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurial support system through a collaborative community of national and international experts, practitioners and partners. In addition, the NITI Aayog will monitor and evaluate the implementation of programmes, and focus on technology upgradation and capacity building.

5. Progress from “food security” to focus on a mix of agricultural production, as well as actual returns that farmers get from their produce.

6. It will ensure that India is an active player in the debates and deliberations on the global commons.

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7. It will ensure that the economically vibrant middle-class remains engaged, and its potential is fully realized.

8. It will incorporate the significant geo-economic and geo-political strength of the Non-Resident Indian Community.

9. It will use urbanisation as an opportunity to create a wholesome and secure habitat through the use of modern technology.

10. It will use technology to reduce opacity and potential for misadventures in governance.

Here is the video of PM Modi addressing NITI Ayog’s Transforming India


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