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[SHOCKING] The Facebook Malware Detection Trap Exposed

Here is the dirty truth on Facebook malware detection which might be spying on your personal information and how to deal with it..

It is quiet hilarious when Facebook says “Keeping links to malware off of our platform is a core function of our Security team.” cause last night I was just forced to download a piece of  crappy Kaspersky software before I could access my Facebook account again, and there was nothing wrong and nothing on my computer. I already have licensed Kaspersky Internet Security which was doing the job just fine. I didn’t need this and don’t appreciate being forced to download Facebook Malware Detection Program.

Here is how Facebook start with their “Let us spy on you” mission by forcing their users to download Kaspersky – Facebook Malware Scanner.

Facebook Malware Detection

Once you go ahead and click “Clean This Device” button you will be asked to download Kaspersky – Facebook Malware Scanner.

Trust me after installing the program, it never appeared in my installed program list in Windows which is kind of fishy to me.

Once you run the program it will show a progress bar that the scan is in progress.

Facebook Malware Scan

While the scan is in progress it also gives you notification about how you have been restricted to access certain features on Facebook and that you are in “Read Only” mode.

Facebook Restricted AccessFacebook Read-only mode

Once the scan process is completed it gives you a notification about how many infected files have been removed. The results are quiet fishy cause my anti-virus software never detected a single infected file.

Facebook Malware Detection

After all the hassle to get into my Facebook account I also see that they have temporarily restricted me from  creating open graph actions for a day.

Facebook Temporary Block

So if you face this issue how do you go about skipping this Facebook Malware Scanner thing?

Just clear cache and cookies of your browser to get rid of this. Once you do that you will be able to log into Facebook normally. No browser application can detect malware on your PC unless you instruct it to look for it. So at best this is a ploy by Facebook in association with Kaspersky lab to force you to download under false pretences – and completely against trading standards practise.

Here is what people around the world has to say on this issue of being locked out from their account and are forced by Facebook to download Facebook malware detection program forcefully.

Facebook Malware DetectionFacebook Malware DetectionFacebook Malware DetectionFacebook Malware Detection

Here is a video tutorial on how you can skip this forced malware scanner software from Facebook.

Video Credit : Blake Warrington

So what do you think about the Facebook Malware Scanner program? Is it a legit program or a spy sitting on your computer grabbing your personal information? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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