10 Min of Arnab’s First Show On Republic TV

10 Min of Arnab's First Show On Republic TV
10 Min of Arnab's First Show On Republic TV

Hello, Good Morning and Welcome, My Dear Viewers Of Republic TV : Arnab Begin With.

I don’t know what the nation wants to know today. But, Today the game is just begun : Arnab Said. What a morning this is for me and for my team. And what an amazing feeling it is on this morning to once again look into the camera and to be able to reach all of you, each one of you directly once again through Republic TV.

10 Min of Arnab's First Show On Republic TV
Image Credit : Republic Tv

Its been almost 6 months and trust me i have measured every day, i have felt every minute, i have counted every hour and i have missed every moment that i was unable to talk to you, connect with you, speak with you and debate for you and reach out to you.

” I can not express how helpless i felt. “

10 Min of Arnab's First Show On Republic TV
I can not express how helpless i felt.

When there was a new story that i wanted to debate and event i deserve a greater attention to expose wrong things on such days we felt frustrated. but, we felt even more determent to bring Republic alive and so, we built Republic. We built Republic brick by brick, step by step, faith upon faith and your blessing upon your blessing.

I travelled across India because i did not have the resources to start a channel and i was fortunate to meet thousands and hundred of thousand across the country in schools and colleges in events. And then suddenly one evening i announced with a few thousands of youngsters in one event in Bangalore THE BIRTH OF THIS CHANNEL AS A MOMENT.

And when the attacks and threats came with legal notices you supported me and for that support i’m grateful and i’m fortunate and i’m blessed.

10 Min of Arnab's First Show On Republic TV
10 Min of Arnab’s First Show On Republic TV

Today this Saturday morning i and behalf of entire Republic team, We dedicate this project, this channel to you, to your faith, to your belief and to your love.

I and my team is very charged up and we have 3 main targets for Republic TV.

  1. Move centre of gravity of Indian media away from the political capital.
  2. Bring a life and spirit of pride in our great nation in the media.
  3. We want to pursue real news stories.

Here is a 10 min video of Arnab’s first show. (Video Credit : Republic TV)

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